ESL Employment sought in Sacramento, CA

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ESL Employment sought in Sacramento, CA

Postby jdunaway » Tue, 20 May 2014 04:14:18 -0500

Hello! This is John Dunaway and I've recently relocated to Sacramento, CA. I am a professional ESL educator with over 15 years in the industry. Please review my C.V./Resume to see the work I have done. My availability is open and I hope to hear from hiring managers at local ESL schools. Thank you!

John Dunaway
(916) 467-3912

p.s. Formatting is off when one cuts and pastes.

John Dunaway
9438 Fort Worth Way
Sacramento, CA 95827
(916) 467-3912

Objective Procure a managerial/teaching position that utilizes my skill set in the service of a mutually beneficial work relationship; advance a company/school’s vision while significantly contributing to productivity and its overall mission.

Keywords: Educator, systems thinker, statistician, researcher, accreditation specialist, writer, networker, photographer, theoretician, ESL professional


2002-2000 Doctoral Study in Psychology
Concentration: Clinical Psychology; GPA 3.2
The University of Denver, Professional School of Psychology
Denver, Colorado (partial fulfillment)

1999-1996 Bachelor of Arts
Major: Psychology/Educational Psychology; GPA 3.73 (Psi Chi)
The University of Texas
Austin, Texas

1994-1990 Graduate Study in Philosophy
Concentration: Ancient Greek Philosophy; GPA 3.67
Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology
Berkeley, California (ABT)

1989-1987 Graduate Study in Divinity
Concentration: Psychology of Religion; GPA 3.4
Princeton Theological Seminary
Princeton, New Jersey

1986-1982 Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude
Major: Letters (Philosophy, History, Literature); GPA 3.58
The University of Oklahoma
Norman, Oklahoma

Work Experience

2014-2012 Analyst and Assessor of Standardized Tests for CTB/McGraw-Hill in Rancho Cordova, CA.
Duties: Assess student performance on standardized tests; apply strict rubric to reading, writing, science, and math tests (4th, 8th grades primarily).

2012-2010 General Manager of Americas Best Value Inn in Clayton, GA.
Duties: Executive responsibility of overall hotel management; direct day-to-day operations; oversee marketing and sales component; lead strategy planning for implementing brand criteria and protocol; create and enforce business objectives and goals; ensure adherence to the highest standards of product delivery and service to guests; hire and manage staff; respond to guest needs, complaints, and emergencies; maintain database of guest feedback and create plan for implementing necessary changes; develop long-term marketing strategies; enhance guest services via Best Practices delivery model.

2009 Second Language Acquisition Instructor for the Education and Life Training Center in Fort Collins, CO
Duties: Teach ESL to international, adult learners; lead workshops on acculturation and business ethics; facilitate “whole language” learning with emphasis on practical usage within community settings.

2008 Academic Director for Living Literature Lab in Bundang, South Korea
Duties: Build the school from the ground up; create a curriculum set and choose all instructional texts; devise a methodological and pedagogical structure for second language acquisition for kindergarten to adult students; establish guidelines for organizing the student evaluations and placement levels in terms of proficiency and competency; evaluate grammatical, pronunciation, writing, listening, and general communication skills for developing new literary awareness models; instruct all students 6 hours per day with additional tutorials taught for lower level students; teach cross-cultural awareness and global communication; as head teacher, responsible for the overall program and the leveling up of students in accordance with U.S. educational standards.

2007 English Instructor for Cheonan Public Schools in Cheonon, South Korea
Duties: instruct English through multi-modal teaching strategies; build and plan curriculum; utilize linguistic and semiotic research; engage in one-on-one, pairing, and group language-learning exercises; teach government employees business English (ethics, phone etiquette, specialized vocabulary); lead American Studies course for Samsung professionals entering transcontinental exchange program.

2006-2005 Corporate English Trainer for E-Team in Mexico City, Mexico
Duties: Facilitate intermediate and advanced Second Language Acquisition for corporate managers and employees; assist corporate leaders with qualitative and quantitative systems analysis for HR and employee relations; develop interoffice communications model based on American business ethics; build management-employee communications by utilizing my Global Language Positioning System (GLPS); establish educational framework for progressive, multimodal English language learning dedicated to increased presence in the global, business market.

Interim Principal of Westhill Institute High School for Westhill Institute in Santa Fe, Mexico (6 months)
Duties: Manage the day-to-day operation of Westhill’s Junior and Senior High School programs; orchestrate inter-office communication to optimize infrastructural integrity; train and evaluate all staff and instructors; maintain databases and student files; facilitate organizational response to standardized test scores and lead team prevention unit for behavioral modification linked to Character Counts; resolve all perceived conflict for students and parents; conduct interviews and disseminate literature to increase enrollment; lead workshops on “mentorship” and advanced pedagogical strategies for student success.

2004 Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Hawaii Tokai International University in Honolulu, HI
Duties: Instruct international students in basic psychological theory and practice; methodologically employ multi-modal approaches to engage with texts, art, drama, and “self” as we explore adaptability issues and personal development across the lifespan; create evidence-based curriculum and reader for course; develop grading rubric to assist students with tracking their progress (journaling, self-appraisal, mentorships); facilitate group projects aligned with course material.

2003 Accreditation Specialist/Admissions Director for American Language Academy in Honolulu, Hawaii
Duties: Supervise team of research assistants in data collection and analysis; build database and infrastructure; document student progress by way of entrance exams, quizzes, tests, and evaluations; lead team of instructors; create and sustain curriculum; organize instructional materials and maintain library, electronic media, and internal communications system; instruct students in ESL across the lifespan; ensure all accreditation standards are met and properly document all school affairs; produce ALA Instructional Manual and Handbook; lead network and outreach team to increase enrollment.

2002-2000 Therapist under Supervision at Buckingham Psychological Services in Aurora, Colorado
Duties: Engage in individual and group therapy; perform multiple tasks in the delivery of service to diverse populations across the life span; primarily utilize cognitive therapeutic techniques (CBT) and behavioral interventions; develop and implement Parent-Child program based on social skills training for children suffering from ADD, ADHD, and Conduct Disorder; work with treatment team on specific case management issues; provide office support for licensed therapists.

2003-2000 Mental Health Counselor for St. Anthony’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado
Duties: Deliver psychotherapeutic services to in-patient population (adult and geriatric); distribution of medications and direct care; develop treatment plans with staff; counsel family members of clients.


Supervisory and team leadership experience
Curriculum Developer/Instructor for ESL internationally
Psychotherapeutic intervention based on Systems models
Developed Educational and Treatment related curriculum for At-Risk Youth
Familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Video Production, Photography
Ability to create and maintain positive, effective relationships
Capable of clear and persuasive writing


Public Responsibility Committee Member- Austin State Hospital
Trained in non-violent intervention techniques, behavioral modification, and medications at the Brown School and Nurse finders in Austin, Texas
Assisted in development and implementation of treatment plans for in-patient populations
Formal training in suicide and crisis prevention at Princeton Theological Seminary


Presbytery Scholarship to Princeton Theological Seminary
Membership in Psi Chi, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Phi Kappa Phi, and Golden Key Honors Society
American Psychological Association member

References available upon request
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