has anyone had any experience looking for jobs

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has anyone had any experience looking for jobs

Postby babyruthcoming » Fri, 17 Oct 2008 04:21:18 -0500

Hello everyone, My friend Isobel is a student in Spain, trying to study to brush up on la traduccion textos tecnicos since that is what she finds most difficult. I think the best strength is in speaking English, I need to work on my grammar and maybe practice translation and interpreting correctly, as they are very specialized in each language, don´t you think? Isobel was considering maybe going to una academia de ingles en Sevilla since that is not too far from our province and she would like to become as perfect as possible in her chosen language to learn. English is such a good language to learn, they speak it almost everywhere these days, but I want to be very very good at it. Isobel's ambition is to get an MBA executive Madrid in the city, so I can work for a big business as a multi-lingual worker, but I think she should focus on mastering her English before she start doing that. The most spoken languages in the world are English, Spanish and Chinese, but I think she made the best choice in picking English, Chinese must be getting popular now as the country is growing so much, but it can´t be better to have than English, right? Maybe I am wrong, has anyone had any experience looking for jobs using their languages as a how you say…”selling point?”
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