American Accent Training Anywhere in the World

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American Accent Training Anywhere in the World

Postby Woodenfox » Sun, 21 Oct 2007 08:54:17 -0500

Pronouncing American English for Anyone Who Speaks English as a Second Language!

Do you often wonder if your accent is limiting your potential in an English dominated business world?

I’ve been trained to help with theses specific languages: Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Korean. With my support you can gain the respect you deserve from your English speaking colleagues and friends.

In addition to this, I can help you learn common American phrases and there meanings, that are not taught in language programs, and will help you get on the inside of American language.

You can talk to me through the internet with just a microphone, for a standard $0.57 a minute, introductions are free, you will not be charged until you approve. My current special gives the third 15 minute session free!

Contact me through Bitwine by clicking my account below:
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