I need your help to complete this exercise. Thank you!

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I need your help to complete this exercise. Thank you!

Postby hoangquanhp » Fri, 08 Aug 2008 02:09:49 -0500

Fill in the numbered blanks with one suitable words:
Many people persuade themselves that they cannot understand mechanical things, or that they have no head for figures. These convictions (1) them fell enclosed and safe, and (2) course save them a great (3) of trouble. But the reader who have a head for anything at (4) is pretty sure to have a head for whatever he really wants to put his mind (5). His interest, say (6) mathematics, has usually been killed (7) routine teaching, in exactly the (8)way that the literary interest of most scientists, and for (9) matter of most non-scientists, has been killed by the set book and the Shakespeare play. Few people would argue that (10) whose taste (11) poetry has not survived (12) examination syllabus are fundamentally insensitive (13) poetry. Yet, they cheerfully write (14) the large intellectual pleasures of science (15) if they belong only to minds (16) a special cast. Science is not a special sense. It is as wide as literal meaning (17) its name: knowledge. The notion of the specialised mind is, (18)comparison, (19) modern as the notion of the specialised man, 'the scientist', a word which is only (20) hundred years old.
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