what dose this sentence mean

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what dose this sentence mean

Postby tihuaer » Mon, 14 Jul 2008 10:12:37 -0500

Mother Teresa asked the audience:"Are you willing to give until it hurts in order to be with our
families, or do we put our own interests first?"
From the context, I could infer that Mother Teresa is trying to persuade we shall take more care of our old parents, families. But as for the sentence she address the audience alone, I can not see which
part she is emphasizing, former part or latter part, I don’t know.
Maybe I can put it this way. It’s like when you enter a restaurant, a waiter comes up to you and asks:” would you like the stake or pasta?” all you feel on hearing this is that he is stressing neither of the two parts, the choice is up to you. And that’s the way I feel reading Mother Teresa’s speech.

By the way, what's "give until it hurts"?
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Re: what dose this sentence mean

Postby MauraS » Wed, 06 Aug 2008 10:31:11 -0500

Knowing a bit about Mother Teresa, I would say that she is stressing the first part. This would probably seem the better choice for her, as she gave so much in her life.

"To give until it hurts" means that you give until it causes you pain in some way or is difficult for you to keep giving.

Hope this helps.

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Re: what dose this sentence mean

Postby Deborah the ESL Tutor » Thu, 28 Aug 2008 05:06:09 -0500

"Give until it hurts" , also indicates that some kind of personal sacrifice is required, which is a common theme in spiritual and religious matters. True growth comes from the personality being able to put others needs ahead of your own for example. This may cause the person some kind of struggle with their own desires and needs, but according to many religious doctrines, this battle is what strengthens the person and makes them more compassionate towards their fellow humans.
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