Please Help me! I need advertising emails

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Please Help me! I need advertising emails

Postby Artena » Mon, 21 Apr 2008 01:33:58 -0500

Dear all friends,

I'm happy to have discovered this forum which is among the most crowed and effective forums of ESL. As I know that there're a lot of people who are speaking English as the first or official language here whom I love to ask to do me a favour.

My graduation paper (thesis) is about the language of English advertising emails. Its topic is "The Language of English Advertising Email from a Perspective of Politeness". So I'm in need of about 20 English advertising emails to analyze.

You may receive advertising emails everyday in your mail box or bulk.

Please kindly send me from 1 to 5 MOST RECENT English advertising emails to my email address:
nguyenbichngocartena87@yahoo. com before 25th April

Those emails are only used for analyzing the language and you can request me to hide your email address.


Thank you so much!

Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc
4th-year student
Department of English and American Cultures
Hanoi University of Languages and International Studies
Vietnam National University, Hanoi
YM: bluejadenguyen
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