Teachers burdens lightened by adaptive online program

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Teachers burdens lightened by adaptive online program

Postby jocrom2 » Tue, 22 Jul 2014 01:41:29 -0500

Not all learners are alike, and individual learners will struggle with certain concepts or skills and not with others. One difficulty of teaching is challenging learners who are ready to move ahead while helping learners who need extra time or assistance.
Lev Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development theory explains the importance of adaptability in language learning. The theory states that for instruction to be effective, information must be presented at a level just above the learners’ current level of understanding. They must be pushed beyond what they already know to what they can know with some extra help.
For best results, the teacher or instructional materials should keep instruction within this zone for each learner. In the language classroom with traditional materials, it is very difficult to provide an environment that adapts to each learner’s zone of proximal development for each new concept or skill.

Adaptability in English3
The English3 software adapts to individual learners’ abilities as they learn new vocabulary, grammar, and phrases. The software is designed to let learners spend more time on the material they are struggling with, less time on the material they learn easily, and almost no time on the material they already know. The software can do this for literally hundreds of concepts at the same time.

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