new Wiki with easy to use exercises

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new Wiki with easy to use exercises

Postby Speechless » Thu, 12 Jun 2014 06:09:07 -0500

I started a new wiki called ESL stories with Q & A at Wikia, with exercises that may be useful for ESL teachers and students. The exercises consist of a small story, with questions and answers for each statement in the story.

It is very easy for students to understand how to use the material. They can work on their own, in pairs or together with a teacher.

The students learn by reading (and by listening, in the future, I hope) and eventually repeating. At first they read, and when they feel ready for it, they cover the answers, and try answering on their own. Later on they cover the questions as well, and try making questions to the statements.
When the students work in pairs they should correct each other.

Naturally I have been inspired by different ESL methods and materials, but I wanted to create exercises for student with little knowledge of English, or students who want to rehearse.

I'd be happy if any ESL teachers out there want to contribute to ESL stories with Q & A !
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