a little holiday in England

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a little holiday in England

Postby babyruthcoming » Mon, 22 Sep 2008 03:16:17 -0500

I've just got back from a little holiday in England with a group of friends, we all stayed in some London hostels so that we could stay cheaply. They're ideal if you don't intend to stay in your accommodation very long and want to get out and see everything. London is very pretty, especially in the summer, lots of historic buildings and some beautiful parks, great for hiking! I'd certainly recommend the city as a holiday location, from abroad or from within Britain. I'm considering my next sightseeing trip, and have been looking at some Florence hotels; I was actually quite surprised to find that some are very reasonably priced. Maybe a Hotel in Rome would be better, though? I could go see the National Museum of Rome or the Borghese gallery. I've heard a lot more about Rome and I think that the sights there might be a lot better to see, has anyone been to either and got an opinion on that?
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