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Views on Planning

Postby Elizabeth_Watkin » Thu, 24 Jul 2008 01:33:59 -0500

Today I was inducted into my new teaching job. Along with all the paperwork, my manager gave me a template for lesson plans. What struck me was the kind of guilty way in which he handed it to me and the (unnecessary) explanation of why I am expected to plan lessons.
Does this rule suggest a lack of trust in teachers’ ability to prepare sufficiently?
I have gone back on forth on the issue. At this stage I myself plan and keep all lessons plans . That is not to say that I don’t stray from the plans – I do. But the plan aids self-reflection, makes me more comfortable going into class with all bases covered and they are useful reference for the future.
How do others feel about planning lessons formally? Of course it is a ‘good thing’ to prepare, but what are others’ views on writing it all down instead of making notes, or even following a templates?
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