one-on-one with a 8 year old

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one-on-one with a 8 year old

Postby animal11 » Mon, 28 Jan 2008 08:42:25 -0500

Hi there....I am an English tutor in Germany and I have recently been given the opportunity to teach ESL to a 4th grader. This student already has a very very fundamental introduction to English via school, but his parents would like for me, as a native speaker, to give some tutoring on the side to help bring his level of English up. I do have teaching experience, but only with students who are much older. Can anyone give me some ideas for what kinds of activities would be good for this age group and that can be completed within about an hour?? Any helpful ideas would be greatly appreciated!!


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Re: one-on-one with a 8 year old

Postby shine_core » Fri, 27 Jun 2008 04:54:32 -0500

Hi there, I hope my opinion can help you, since the student already has a fundamental introduction to English via school, and his/ her parents wants you to teach their kid to increase his/her English level. I think you can use some of your techniques in teaching older ones like have a day scheduled for conversation/ discussion and let the kid choose the topic, most preferably things that interest him/her. Then have a report or essay made for the next day of what he had learned through the conversation/ discussion you had. Also another suggestion and I'm speaking through experience, I am strict when it comes to their reading skills and the pronunciation they make. In my case I let them read and if they mispronounced a word I correct them. Then to ensure they understand what they read I make them explain the story or topic in a free way or let them enumerate the facts in the story. I hope this gave you an idea.
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