Requirements for Taking IELTS TEST

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Requirements for Taking IELTS TEST

Postby karyllemia » Fri, 27 Mar 2009 02:36:28 -0500

My family will migrate to Ireland by next year. The papers are already in queue at the Ireland embassy. As soon as we get there, I am planning to take IELTS Ireland. But before jumping into that I wanted to undergo a review first. Can you give or refer me a reputable couching center near Ireland? Are there any training materials to be use? Also, is educational attainment important in order to qualify for the test? If so, What is the minimum educational requirement? I have finished a bachelors degree in Education but doesn’t have a working experience yet.
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Re: Requirements for Taking IELTS TEST

Postby Deborah the ESL Tutor » Thu, 30 Apr 2009 02:08:13 -0500

You are smart to pursue coaching as part of your IELTS preparation. The exam is quite expensive to take, and if you fail one of the modules you will have to retake the entire exam. So, you want to ensure you are well-prepared when you take the test.

Have you considered online IELTS tutoring? Online learning works very well for ESL learners and those going on to take the IELTS test. This method of learning gives you flexibility and the ease of learning from home.

There is no minimum requirement for taking the IELTS exam, other than having a good level of English skill.

I have been working on tips for taking the IELTS exam. Check out my tips for IELTS test preparation and let me know what you think!
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