English language on a strong sufficient stage to be successf

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English language on a strong sufficient stage to be successf

Postby stephania » Thu, 23 Oct 2008 10:37:49 -0500

Hello all, my close friend is a student in Spain who presently finished her cursos first certificate Madrid to confirm that she know how to use the English language on a strong sufficient stage to be successful in a business, it’s remarkable because a lot of multi-national companies seem to look for people with such education help them work on proyectos multilingues for their business. She still fined various work very hard, and needs to perfect her English through more learning but it’s going very well I think. She may have to put it on hold because the company that employs her now has offered to sponsor her to do a master direccion de calidad, isn’t that great?! She’s really excited; she thinks they’re in real need of multilingual students with strong business skills these days, don’t you? Though she thinks maybe this sort of sponsorship for education and training is dying out a little, she must be very lucky. Has anyone noticed kind of a decline in sponsorships and apprenticeships when it comes to training and education, or is it just her? She thinks Germany values education very highly but she don’t know about England or Spain. Any information and recommendation is very much welcome. Thanks in advance.
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