Hoping that their English are getting good!

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Hoping that their English are getting good!

Postby stephania » Thu, 16 Oct 2008 02:07:10 -0500

Hey everyone! My cousins are just back from a Språkkurs language tour, it was quite fun! They went to Oxford to practice English, They been trying to perfect their writing and speaking a lot more lately, their hoping that their English are getting good! If not, they better get back to reading and writing more for practice. Other are also learning Spanish, while one of the students in their little group (They rent a flat together) are from Spain, and she’s getting married right after she graduates, so they want to give her a big Despedida de soltera that is, a big hen night! We're not sure how best to plan it for a Spanish gal, though, they guess there’s always a good old fashioned bar crawl, and though they can't really get the tapas and pinchos she normally gets doing that in Spain. Oh well, they better call the folks, too, if they'd just stop harping on about mortgages and debt for two seconds, maybe she can tell them how the language tour went, instead of dying of boredom while they talk about reunificacion de deudas that is, debt consolidation. What do you think they should do for their Spanish friend's hen night, any good Spanish ideas?
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