English Course Abroad...

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English Course Abroad...

Postby dianne » Sun, 10 Aug 2008 09:45:55 -0500

Hello to all! I have been learning English for almost a year and right now I’m taking a curso inglés Madrid – an intensive course in Madrid. I feel I was able to improve my English a lot with this and now I can finally have real conversations and write letters in English. I’m very glad I decided to come to Madrid to improve my English further! The capital and largest city of Spain is such a pulsating place where you meet people from all over the world everyday. Madrid offers everything: amazing green spaces and parklands like the Parque del Retiro, with places like the Palacio de Comunicaciones great monuments to look at and of course a vibrating nightlife! If anyone ever wants to spend some time here, I can definitely recommend it!

I love being able to communicate in a foreign language. Now I’m also a lot interested in different cultures where English is spoken. So I’m thinking of doing another course next year, for example they offer very interesting cursos de ingles en Irlanda! I would like to explore the Irish culture on the largest island in Europe. With this I would actually get the chance to practise my English even more in real life! Which such a different climate and vegetation compared to Spain I am sure it could be an unforgettable time. Does anyone have any experiences with that?

A friend of mine is taking an English course Malta right now, which also seems to be a good option for a language course. For her it’s also the best being able to communicate with locals in their own language. Somehow you don’t feel as much as a foreigner anymore and people really appreciate the effort. What she especially likes about Malta besides the sunny weather, expansive beaches and thriving nightlife is the mixture of so many styles and traditions there.

For me learning English has enriched my life and I definitely want to keep going on with this language! Can anyone give me any other advice on the mentioned places for a possible course or has any other ideas? Thanks in advance!
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Re: English Course Abroad...

Postby LanguageHoliday » Mon, 30 Nov 2009 01:07:17 -0500

Hi Dianne,

I run English language holiday courses in Scotland that might interest you. We go out of the cities into the Highlands and teach you English while we visit some of the most beautiful places in Scotland. You get 3 hours of class every day, then you spend the afternoon exploring the local area with your teacher and a professional guide. In the evenings we do fun cultural things like Scottish dancing and whisky tasting.

If you are interested, please visit www.LearnEnglishinScotland.com for some more information

Good luck with the English!

all the best

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Re: English Course Abroad...

Postby marta1818 » Fri, 25 Jun 2010 03:59:24 -0500

Being able to work and teach English abroad
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Re: English Course Abroad...

Postby vivianlj » Tue, 06 Jul 2010 09:06:16 -0500

Thank for the English course. :) Learning English needs a good dictionary and this English dictionary helps me a lot.
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Re: English Course Abroad...

Postby Greg85 » Sat, 07 Jun 2014 01:29:23 -0500

General English
This popular course is ideal if you want plenty of free time to combine your English studies with exploring your chosen location and soaking up the local culture. Consisting of 20 lessons per week this course allows maximum flexibility. Many students choose the General English Course which aims to improve your competence in general English. The course provides systematic practice in the four main areas of language learning: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Course options for General English
General English Course (1-4 weeks)
General English Course (5-7 weeks)

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