Mac or Windows,which one is suitable for you?

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Mac or Windows,which one is suitable for you?

Postby phyco » Wed, 14 Jul 2010 10:41:54 -0500

Which one is better for operating system computer multimedia working between Macintosh or Windows?
Windows has more programs to support than Mac in many ways then Windows be
used Mac.
Fifst,people used Windows more than Mac then has many supporting program .Windows is cheaper than Mac. Because programmers develop program for their target. Second,Windows have software for write a program. For example, Microsoft Visual Basic is a software for writing program.
Everyone can write program if them have knowledge of computer language.Finally,In multimedia Windows have more program have used in Mac. In Windows have many level to difficult a program.For example, in program edit video “Ulead” easy for user “Adobe premiere” for a professional
Inconclusion,I think Windows is suitable for all user but Mac is suitable for professionals.
Mac or Windows,which one is suitable for you?
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