Selling condoms in universities.

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Selling condoms in universities.

Postby zaphiroth » Mon, 12 Jul 2010 01:12:52 -0500

Selling condoms in universities.

In my opinion, I disagree with selling condoms in universities. Because it is inappropriate.
The first reason is the culture of Thailand. We do not support having * freely. Do not have * prematurely. Not accepted by Thai people. The second reason, condoms are not necessary to be sold in the convenienc stores. Finally, it encourages to have * in university. Students need to learn not to have *. Student are not ready to have *.

It is inappropriate to sell condom in universities. It may be incitement to have * more. Always the campaign t educate and counsel for young people. Would be a good way to prevent and solve problem of the infectious Human immunodeficiency virus(HIV). Do you agree with selling condoms in universities?
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