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Handouthub.com – an intuitive TEFL/ESL handouts website

Postby handouthub » Thu, 26 Nov 2009 06:36:14 -0500

All of us in the business of TEFL/ESL teaching have to find time to plan quality lessons that will motivate our students and please our bosses. Increasingly, our time is stretched by forces outside our control – often cover classes are divested upon us abruptly, our schools may lack sufficient grammar practice materials we can use, or conversely, we sometimes feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of supplementary books that are available to us. Wouldn’t it be nice if, when we’re looking for materials, we could simply access a database of high quality resources matched to the chapters of the course books we’re teaching.

I am proud to announce that such a resource now exists – http://www.handouthub.com. Essentially, Handout Hub is an enormous database of currently 1062 TEFL/ESL supplementary handouts available to teachers and schools as downloadable, photocopiable PDFs. The genius of this website, I believe, is its intuitive design that allows you to find resources you are looking for in less than four clicks. Its unique selling point is the fact that it matches its huge number of handouts to the contents of the latest TEFL/ESL course books. This means all a teacher need do is know the chapter or page number they are teaching, and download the handout(s), which has been carefully matched to the respective book chapter/page. This isn’t just another TEFL/ESL website clogged up with Google Ads and jobs in China. This site is here to professionalise and revolutionise the online TEFL/ESL supplementary world.

The colourful course book browse option on the left of the site allows teachers to browse through the chapters of major book series such as English File, Cutting Edge, Headway, Total English, Inside Out, Language to Go, Innovations, Market Leader and Intelligent Business, across all levels starter to advanced. So if you’re teaching any of these books, check out Handout Hub and see how easy it is to supplement your class with our pedagogically-sound materials.

What makes Handout Hub so intuitive are the other logical pathways users can use to browse through our handout database, finding what they want in only a handful of clicks. If you peruse the right of the site you’ll see these exhaustive options:

    Browse by grammar – if you want speaking or writing supplementation of grammar, look through our exhaustive list, from ‘adjective order’ to the ‘zero conditional’.

    Browse by vocabulary – teach, test and practise vocabulary through our massive range of handouts organised into common TEFL/ESL topic areas, from ‘adjectives’ to ‘work’.

    Browse by level – Not sure what you want for your class? Peruse through our entire levels here and find some gems you didn’t know existed.

    Browse by activity type – perhaps you want to get your students to mingle as a whole class, do a quiz, play a board game or finish a crossword. Look here.

    Browse latest additions – Handout Hub is constantly expanding, with new handout uploads on the 20th of every month. This November 48 new handouts were added to the site.

    Browse by popularity – See what other teachers are using through our ‘most popular’ function.

If all of these great browse options aren’t enough, use our basic and advanced search options to track down the handouts you want to supplement your classes.

What are our handouts like? Feel free to peruse our free sample page at: http://www.handouthub.com/sample-worksheets/. At Handout Hub we are passionate about speaking, so the majority of our handouts focus on this, through grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. We also believe controlled writing, rather than gapfills, benefit a student’s language acquisition. When teaching grammar, we like to use the ‘discovery approach’, so students ‘uncover’ the rules rather than reading them or being told them by us. Our handouts are student and teacher-friendly, categorised into coherent sections, with simple instructions.

Access to Handout Hub handouts is based on an annual subscription. Membership comes in either an individual or institutional form. Individual subscriptions are £25. Check out our website for institutional prices, which are tiered according to the number of logins required. We believe that for the service we offer, and when compared to the prices of conventional paper-back supplementation*, our prices are competitive.

Thank you for taking the time reading this infomercial. We are always looking to improve the quality and scope of Handout Hub. So if you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them here or send them to admin@handouthub.com.

*For example; Elementary Grammar Games (£36), Taboos and Issues (£26), English Grammar in use with Answers and CD-ROM (£19). Prices available at: http://www.eflbooks.co.uk/
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